LUTE & GUITAR TEACHING ( ONLINE, as well) in SZENTENDRE (Hungary) by Istvan Konya :


For those who are unable to attend in person, there is the possibility of taking an online master course. They have to pay the same participation fee and get the same amount of lessons. The requirement for online course is an appreriate audio equipment for good sound quality!

On 16-22 July 2021 in Szentendre, Hungary

„Vujicsics Tihamér Music School”, Szentendre, Duna korzó 24.

Opening concert: 16. AUGUST, 6:30 pm

Singing /Harpsichord, Clavichord, Continuo / Lute, Guitar / Baroque trompet / Chamber music

Languages: Hungarian, English, German

Participation fee for active participants: 39.000. HUF ( prox. 110 € ).

Day ticket: 8.000. HUF ( prox. 22 Euro)

Application via email to:

Please let us know in your application if you need accommodation.

What can LUTE PLAYERS expect from this course?

Since there is no official lute class in our region, we consider it important to briefly, but systematically deal with such material, which is essential for lute playing. Therefore beside individual classes we are planning group lessons as well, in which we will learn about the followings: the practice of the improvisation and diminution, the basics of figured bass, the harmonization of chamber pieces, the Renaissance and Baroque ornamentation.

What can GUITAR PLAYERS expect from this course?

We will deal with the practice of the improvisation and diminution, the adaptation of continuo on the guitar, the ornamentation of Renaissance and Baroque pieces, the adaptation of Baroque lute effects to the guitar and the transcription of Baroque lute and guitar pieces to guitar modes. We will pay special attention to the luteworks of Weiss and Bach, and to Visée’s works written for guitar. With this knowledge guitar players will be able to enrich their Baroque repertoire.



Former courses in Hungary:
1993 – Savaria ’93, Early Music Week – Szombathely – artistic director, lute teacher
1994-1996 – Musica Antiqua Apud Danubium, Szentendre – lute teacher
1996-1998 – Early Music Summer Academy, Szombathely – artistic director, lute teacher
2002-2004 – Early Music Course, Bükk – lute teacher
2006-2008 – International Lute & Guitar Festival Győr – artistic director, lute teacher
2007-2012 – Early Music Course for singers & lute/guitar players (Székesfehérvár, Győr, Budapest)
2005-2013 – Savaria Early Music Course Szombathely/Hungary – artistic director, lute teacher
2010 → Early Music Summer University – Miercurea Ciuc/Romania – lute & guitar teacher                                                                       2021 → “Cantare Suonare” Early Music Academy – lute & guitar techer

– Professional and scholarly presentations
– Teaching on early music courses; organizing courses
– Lectures on lute-history for adults and children for schooling purposes