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Dear lute player and lute friend,

I am pleased to announce the good news that in the school year 2022 the LUTE  (in Hungarian: LANT) will be officially included among the instruments that can be taught/learned as an instrument of equal status in Hungarian music education.

Everything is now available for the study of the lute: coursebook, textbooks, instruments, institution, interest and the official lute syllabus, which can be found on the website of the Education Office:

– classical music – lute (klasszikus zene – lant): p. 365-375.

I have been lobbying for this for more than a quarter of a century, and on this long journey many have encouraged, supported and helped me, how and where they could. Many thanks to all those who have stood by me.

About Lutebooks see on link – below

The first LUTE CLASS, which will start in September 2022 at the Szabolcsi Bence Music School in Budapest ( ), the current lute centre of the Carpathian Basin, is already full.

Following in the footsteps of Bálint Bakfark (Brasov), Hans Newsidler (Bratislava) and Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos (Košice), we will continue the lute work in their spirit.

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Over 30 years of music teaching experience I offer private lute lessons – personally in my studio or on-line lute lessons via Skype or Zoom.

Renaissance lute – Baroque lute – and continuo on Archlute. – I teach in English and in German.

The 60 minute lesson price is 30 EURO.

I have my own printed Renaissance Lute Method and Renaissance Lute Anthology (the text is only in Hungarian, but I can translate and explain everything in English or in German.

See here:

To have effective lessons with good sound and picture quality you’d better need a computer/tablet with webcam and a reliable internet connection (with cable, and not wifi),

Feel free to contact me by email:

My former courses in Hungary & Romania:
1993 – Savaria ’93, Early Music Week – Szombathely – artistic director, lute teacher
1994-1996 – Musica Antiqua Apud Danubium, Szentendre – lute teacher
1996-1998 – Early Music Summer Academy, Szombathely – artistic director, lute teacher
2002-2004 – Early Music Course, Bükk – lute teacher
2006-2008 – International Lute & Guitar Festival Győr – artistic director, lute teacher
2007-2012 – Early Music Course for singers & lute/guitar players (Székesfehérvár, Győr, Budapest) – lute & guitar teacher
2005-2013 – Savaria Early Music Course Szombathely/Hungary – artistic director, lute teacher
2010 → Early Music Summer University – Miercurea Ciuc/Romania – lute & guitar teacher

2020 → “Cantare Suonare” Early Music Academy – lute & guitar techer

– Professional and scholarly presentations
– Teaching on early music courses; organizing courses
– Lectures on lute-history for adults and children for schooling purposes